The Law Office John H. Guin, PLLC

At the Law Office of John H. Guin, PLLC, my mission as an attorney is to help clients achieve effective results quickly and efficiently. To accomplish this mission, I provide individual attention to each client’s needs.

Achieving effective results often requires aggressive litigation to protect client interests. Other times, an effective result requires a candid assessment of a case and counseling with the client to determine the best solution to a complicated problem. In most cases, the best representation requires both the skills of a litigator and the knowledge of a legal counselor.

I bring over twenty-five years of experience helping clients address their needs in construction and commercial litigation, in business and contract development, and in arbitration and mediation (including on-line sessions).

If you have complex construction, commercial, or business issues arising in Washington, Idaho, Montana, California, or Oregon please contact the Law Office of John H. Guin, PLLC to determine how our firm can help address your needs.

*SCAM ALERT* This firm does not provide notary services or witness document execution services.  If you receive a document or contract purporting to be notarized or witnessed by this firm, it is likely fake and should be disregarded and reported to authorities.**